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A Slaves Questions - Poetry

How can I do better?

How can I serve?

How do I compare?

When will I have enough of this? (I hope I never have enough of this!)

Am I under her spell?

Why do I need her rules and approval?

Tortured in the mind, questioning everything.. is it the lack of oxygen from my mask?

Surely she is hypnotizing me, or maybe it's mind control.

Oh she is a wicked, tender and classy Mistress.

Pulse is high, uncertainty and excitement peaking within.

I love that I just don't know what to expect next, now or ever.

I question everything and for this reason I will stay as long as she allows me to serve.

Until she shows me, instructs me, and reassures me, I can not sleep.

I am owned and this is her slave.

I crave her approval though can never expect it.

She is my Goddess my Queen, just seeing her smile destroys any punishment ever served or discipline ever provided.

For she is my Mistress, my Mizz. Honey Temper and I her slave.

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