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Becoming a Adult Entertainer: A Desired Cam Girls Story

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

#Webcaming, Video and Phone entertainers. Do you have what it takes to be your own #bossbabe? Mizz. Honey Temper discusses her day as an online #performer.

The first time I went live on a #camgirlsite it became an instant addiction to #power, I mean who else (other than #celebrities) have a #job where literally hundreds of people are pawning at you for attention? I was consumed with adoration by my #followers and intoxicated with the flattering messages and gifts to show how much what I am doing daily is appreciated. How was I ever going to quit and get a real job again??? Sure I felt a bit nervous that I would look stupid or unattractive to the masses. I also had concerns that I would be discovered by my family before I could tell them myself, but that quickly was overcame by all the amazing support, comments and financial assistance by clients who wanted to see me succeed.

"sticking to a schedule and being consistent even when its slower days are key to building a good client base'

Starting out as a #camgirl can be a challenge if you have never been your own #boss before, but with practice and determination you should see that your #newbusiness venture as a #onlineentertainer is starting to grow within a 6 month period (it may take shorter or longer depending on the time you are able to dedicate to your new trade). The biggest thing to remember is to hang in there! Nothing will happen overnight, Rome wasn't built in a day. This can be a rewarding and very fun profession if you are willing to treat it like a business and take the opportunity you are providing yourself seriously.

Show Relevant Content

Being a webcam #model can be a lot of fun. I have had clients help me to elevate my life and financial position by paying for photo and video shoots (wearing outfits paid for by my clients for their pleasure) or helping me with gifting me new camera and lighting equipment, which has been a huge help so I can stand out aside the millions of other cam models. Its important to remember to keep the videos and photos in your gallery or on your website relevant to what you look like at present. I have seen people with amazing photos but then make no effort for live cam shows and they are almost unrecognizable. Making sure your clients don't start their experience feeling disappointed is a huge key to growing your business and keeping clients. This is also important to think about if you have gained or lost weight, had any plastic surgery or permanent makeup or tattoos added or removed. Your #viewers came to see you, the real you so showcase #yourbrand in its best light!

Being a web cam model can be a lot of fun, but there are a few things you want to be mindful of so your time isn't taken for granted. Without giving away too many trade secrets (better to learn as you go anyways) I will say that most cam sites will allow you to adjust chat settings. so that you are not being bombarded by 'Guests' or non-paying just here to watch and wank peeps. Its also a good idea when you are starting out to block other #camgirls from your pages. There are some girls in the industry that like to be sneaky poach your new paying clients from your public room, if your not careful! I usually wait until I am tipped by a guest or a member before spending time to reply to a message. In my experience asking for tips comes off as a desperate attempt to take your clients money without any happy ending. (would you pay for a smoothie you may not get to taste?) Having a consistent schedule, being willing to listen to your #clients as they put themselves out there to indulge in a moment of #fantasy with an open mind and a kind heart, use relevant content in #videos and #photo galleries, and include your personality to showcase your brand. When your smiling and having fun on camera people will want to watch, #squirting doesn't hurt either lol.

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