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Strong, assertive, confident.

Goddess has all the finest qualities a woman should seek

weak, obedient, submissive.

I learn, I listen I value when she speaks.

This is all that matters and where I do belong.

Offering my service, to a women so amazing and so strong.

Safety in trust, but not with toys

Master controls the lashings to keep good habits in her beta boys

The flogging and caning with cruel body shaming make her poison that I must consume,

Each taste that I take, hurts, stings and erases all reason until I'm left in total ruins.

Destroy me dear Mistress, take all that I have

Show me new limits make me into a real man

Give me instructions and take away what I don't need

for you are all that matters, allow this sub to feed into your greed.

Yes my Mistress is a Goddess, she is the only one for me

My Mistress deserves love and loyalty, because she sets this sub mind free.

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