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Exploring a new way to be close

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

My introduction to #BDSM, #Kinks and #Fetishes, how it impacted my life and a few tips to keep your journey fun and #safe.

For me learning about #BDSM happened when I was much younger and met my best friend. I felt so comfortable with them, I could open up and not have any worries about judgement. That later emerged into my full time #lifestyle as a #Domme, but I didn't know that what I was into sexually and otherwise was considered #BDSM or #Kinky and i certainly had no idea that I was into #fetishes the way that I have become now. ( turns out I am a bit of a #freak lol ) Things started off #casual for me, I had a friend in school who would #worship my #hair, they loved the long curls and thickness. I was asked if my hair could be brushed or styled, shampooed or even #smelt. At the peak I believe I provided a strand of my braided hair for them to covet! It excited me to have someone so interested in a body part of mine. I felt powerful, beautiful and flattered what else could be adored? Why would someone want to make me feel so special and what do they get out of it? Those questions took me on the journey of #worship and understanding #humiliations and what amazing connections can be developed when we are stripped from what holds us back. I discovered that the attention I was getting was such a great boost for my confidence and overall impression I had of myself that I upgraded from hair to #feet, #ass, #Quirofilia and more lol. It was around this time that I would be treasured and treated like a #Goddess that the gifts and donations started coming in, further adding to my addiction for #power and #greed, #enforcingrules and having the final say.

“Do you want to look down my wet t-shirt at my cleavage and then watch me slowly slide this all off as I drip honey on my nipples?.”

Over the years I have been privileged to have some #powerful and respected people in society come to #Worship me. Feeling safe, comfortable and #uninhibited from your inner most deepest desires can be liberating but also like opening Pandora's box for craving more and something new! How do you just stop at worship, what else is out there? I had been asked from a foot slave for me to ram my toes in his mouth and then make him smell my shoes, so I started to search humiliations, then #CBT (cock and ball torture) and the #findom aspect just kind of happened from the relationships I built and my mass addiction to #TPE (Total Power Exchange).

Don't just think because you're pretty and tell a guy to fuck off on cam, he is going to pay you!

People that are genuinely here on the scene want to do more than throw there money away at you. Many 'Fake' Findoms think they can chat once on skype and get paid for life by just calling to ask for money. If you are looking to have a sugar daddy this is NOT the same thing at all. The act of giving money is more about taking the power away from someone otherwise very successful and powerful and allowing them to not have the burden of worry with finances. It is a trusting relationship that should not be taken advantage of as some of my slaves have given me their whole budget to play with and the goal is not #bankruptcy or to make them financially #ruined. Either way being a #Domme professionally or with a partner the most important thing is that everyone is enjoying the time being spent and no one is being taken advantage of in any way. There is #fantasy and #roleplay but have some real life moments before the fun begins to learn each others #kinks and #fetishes . I require a check-in with all my slaves especially those on contracts, as well as aftercare to occur every now and again. Try to make sure that those you am connecting with through #kink feel safe in their, confidentiality and vulnerability. Have a #safeword that you and your partner(s) are aware of and respect each other without any questions or hard feelings. This is all fantasy for me and my partners so aside from my own personal boundaries the sky is the limit.

"Try new things and look for new Fetishes with an open mind as you discover the scene."

Meeting like minded people from Fetish or Kink nights hosted in your local city #nightclub, or private event can be a great way to connect and learn new things!

By accepting the scene into my life have added value through empowerment, confidence, financial freedom, an amazing sex life, and some really treasured people from my experiences. It was well worth exploring. I feel like I have only touched the surface with Fetish discovery and anticipate each interaction for its own individual experience. Learning what excites you and your partner can be so much fun when Kink is at play! Planning sessions with attention and detail to make sure things are memorable can be important. Remember to light the candle, change the bedding to darker bed sheets and put on some leather, its all about looking forward to what you can't expect happening next or what you have been waiting for your whole life.

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