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Findom Goddess

She shops, she buys all material things her size

Her greed is as big as the sea.

Her addiction is rare like the sapphire she wears

keeping your thick dick locked up as she holds the key

Yes money is ALL,

She will make you feel weak, and feel small

But the power she yields is so true.

Give me diamonds, give me gems let me rule over men,

I can show you how it feels when I own you.

With my budget and advice, plus your loyal sacrifice

I can make your pathetic ass go broke like you always dreamed.

Give it all up for me, let me live in luxury

while you sleep on the floor, and beg Mistress for more

All you piggy's in my bank that I don't even thank,

you can pay to win my affection.

Bring on gifts, give me pearls, take me all around the world

no guarantees you will even get my attention

All your pain and sacrifice,

make you feel true meaning to life,

so be grateful to me,

I am the one to set you free

To give you a reason to work and to breathe

Your Mistress, and Financial Goddess.

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