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Have an open mind when looking for a Domme.

It's fine to come to a Dungeon (virtual or otherwise) with zero idea of what you think you actually may want. This is something good to know if your new to BDSM. Just remember to do some research, be safe, communicate, and to come with an open mind.

My favorite sub is one who is dedicated to their kink, I find it to be hot because it usually signals to me that they're seriously into BDSM. Our Kinks have to align both Domme and sub. I have a list available of my favorite fetishes on my website as well as a few that I would like to explore further but are not on my list. The reason is so my subs can ask me, and we can begin to trust one another. Say what you fantasize to make sure your not missing out on a lost experience.

Communication is key, if someone has a very clear idea of what they want... yet during meets, chat, phone, and video vetting refuses to actually vocalize it they will most likely be disappointed with the outcome.. we may control your mind but we are not mind readers! If you need to look in the mirror to practice speaking clearly and concise it will do you good to not mumble or whisper in front of your Domme.

Like most Findom/FemDomme's I want to truly get to know any submissive considered for a new dynamic. Things get really fun and you have a better chance of reaching subspace if we have good communication with each other. This can take time everyone is different and each Domme may have their own process that must be respected before an experience can ever occur.

Rest assure for the safety of me and my subs before any scene begins Every Experience especially one of an extreme nature must be vetted, evaluated and meet SSC (Safe, Sane, and Consensual) and RACK (stands for Risk Aware Consensual Kink) for all parties evolved. If a safe word is mentioned by anyone at any given time the scene ends. A Domme must respect your limits and you must of course respect theirs. Clear communication around boundaries is vital to having a good session. Like any other sexual experience in a play session you must be consenting, and communication needs to be across the board for everyone.

So what does Mizz. Honey Temper do to vet for new subs and potential live in slaves? As there are so many scammers online these days (especially with lockdown worldwide) I ensure my dynamics are loyal to me first and foremost by verification. My time is precious. Especially as a woman and a Findom. I will say you should NOT get into Findom if you don't have a job or expect to have expendable income left over when I am done with you.

Verifying potentials (a potential is someone with potential to start a new dynamic for a D/s relationship) to make sure they understand what my job is and what is expected of my sub are the first things to occur. Do not get into findom if you think I will be nice, sweet or give a fuck about you like a girlfriend would traditionally. I am a feminist a true Devine Goddess and I will not bow to any mans commands... a sugar baby may be better suited for you in this case, nothing against them but fat fucking chance you will get that kind of sweet talk or favors from me.

A potential to serve me will have these basic attributes

*They must support the growth of my new empire and the rise of women by becoming a paid member to

*I have very detailed surveys that must be completed for me to evaluate (example Here)

*For people needing a more discreet option I also allow to send direct cash to me by clicking a the link here.

*They must tribute me according to our arrangement on a hourly/daily/weekly/biweekly/monthly basis by purchasing my digital photos, videos, or purchasing items from my wish list, tribute page, and novelties in my online shop.

Allow me to work with you and try out new things! Dommes focus on kink and roleplay fulfillment; my potential subs can read about me on my website once they become a member. Many potentials go to dungeons or reach out on line seeking things of a more specific nature, such as handjobs, oral sex, or other things that are not in the job description of a dominatrix. We're not here so you can get your dick sucked, or for you to tell me how to touch myself, if that is what you are interested in seek other sex workers so they can make that money - and then you also don't waste my time in the dungeon. Let me dress you up in a sissy session or make you kiss my feet with body worship, even better let me tie you up and flog your ass until it bleeds. Either way, come to FetDungeon with an open mind or a clear idea.

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Apr 23, 2021

I couldn't have said it better myself!


Sean Sitko
Sean Sitko
Jan 07, 2021

I am going to work on my questions Goddess

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