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Keep your Attitude - How not to become like everyone else

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

Just because you see a top #camgirl #model do something on her #show doesn't mean you need to copy them. Try to take influential ideas and apply them to your #personality, like any business you should do some market research.

I'm not saying to reinvent the wheel when it comes to being a #camgirl model, there are some techniques that work to get people tipping big. When it comes to making a plan for your live shows the options are really endless. Of course you want to keep it to things you #enjoy so that the time goes by quickly with a few #happyendings.

“Do you have a #fetish, #kink or #fantasy character you wanted to indulge? Now is the time to become the #Goddess you knew you could be! I started with #role-play and #domination because that came natural to me.”

In my opinion its best to stick to what you prefer #sexually, it will keep your expressions on cam more natural which will keep you happy with the end result if you are recording any of the private shows to resell (highly recommended for videos and photos). Do you have a fetish, kink or fantasy character you always wanted to indulge? Maybe you haven't explored your own #body enough and like the idea of an audience like I did. Now is the time to become the #Goddess you knew you could be! I started with role-play and #domination because that came natural to me. It's also good to stick to what you prefer so that you enjoy it, this is not the kind of job you should do if you don't enjoy being hit on, or sexual chat and play. I find that most of my clients that I have had from the very beginning have stayed my #clients because I have kept true to me and my personality. I have rules and things that can't be paid for, which I think has helped me financially rather than hurt me. After all people want what they can't have.

Capitalize on your uniqueness

When making a schedule for your #camshows aside from keeping a consistent schedule, try to stand out and use your individuality to get #viewers tuning into your show. I like making shows where I showcase #fetishes one day, do a #role-play or #girlfriendexperience on another and build up to a happy ending on a public show for the busier traffic times (usually on the weekends but now with Quarantines the world is your #porno oyster). People tune in to see what makes you tick and what makes you cum, they want to see you in the most intimate ways you will allow them so consider keeping your #individuality to stand out and capitalize on your brand. Confidence and self respect will keep you in check on this journey, hold your head high you got this!

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