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Mean Girls

These past few years have been all about stepping outside the box and building, new relationships, new opportunities, and sexy new fetish content. I absolutely love that I have sole creative freedom to my Fetish Expressions and feel very blessed to be able to take a piece of my life and share it with the kinksters of the world in my FetDungeon.

This kinky dream of mine to make a web space and host events would never have become a reality had covid-19 not happened. Losing a friend early on during the pandemic that was only 40 years old made the way we are living now a fast sad reality for me. The timing of losing my job, after moving to a new home and then lockdown beginning meant uncertainty was the only real thing I could depend on sticking around for a while. Saying that though, I also would never have rationalized the time, dedication and personal capital to organize, develop, book and coordinate photo and video shoots had the world not slowed down and allowed some of us to really think about what we wanted to try and achieve if only we had 18 months to do it.

Some of the projects I am working on now were just wishful brainstormed journal entries from 7 or 8 years ago. Sadistic and seductive wet dreams I would tell one of my besties about to keep my insatiable appetite fed through a drought. Finally my dreams have metastasized and my community influence is spreading like a lost Bible newly discovered.

The goal has always been to start off soft and gradually get harder with my content to allow the newbies in our community to experience everything. Beginning with body worship, light humiliation, key holding, cuck, ASMR, and fetish music style videos.... most of my beginning content is like watching a kinky MTV on steroids. I have worked closely with photographer/videographers and music producers to learn more about the industry and have been editing my own videos for over a year now. The aim is to excel and one day operate my own Fetish based porn company that offers POV and Virtual Domme experiences, so when I say you are in for a ride... I seriously fucking mean it!

It wasn't until vaccines were available and I knew everyone involved will be as protected as possible, that I really began to plan the Mean Girl(s) series. FINALLY I AM ABLE TO DO SOME IMPACT, ROLEPLAY, AND FANTASY VIDEOS FOR YOU!!

So what is the Mean Girl(s) project and what can you expect to see in the series? Mean Girl(s) is a focus on Me and the FemDoms I collaborate with or mentor. It is both a creative outlet and a promotion for the truly dedicated Pro-Dommes of the future. The project turned into a necessity once I began building bonds with new Supreme friends in the lifestyle. Local swinger/gentlemen clubs were closed and most working women were left in the lurk with no way to promote services or play unless already set up online. Female led economic industries have been the hardest hit during covid and it was time for us Mean Girl(s) to band together and support each other in a way that is inclusive to everyone. After speaking with a few women it came clear a video series project needed to occur, so men could see that the world is only going around because we still allow it. The time has come for a POV/BigBrother view inside the life of a Dommes home and this Mean Girl(s) series will focus on a primary FemDom or a group of FemDoms using and abusing bottoms in various ways.

The first part of the series starts with a unsuspecting finsub masochist coming to meet Me at a busy holiday mall parkade. His plan was just to be my human ATM, but Mistress decided to throw him in the trunk of an SUV and take him to my Dungeon. Over the course of his time with me and on film, he is relegated to coerced intoxication, relentless humiliations, used as human furniture, a maid, tortured with impact play, and mentally confined and reduced down to a basic prisoner number. The second part of the series works on a Double Domme experience and the third part of the series brings a new pup to a girls night house party! (though I am still raising funds for part three to happen I know that my new pets and loyal followers will ensure I do not fail). Yes it's safe to say that I am I definitely ecstatic for you to see the project so many of us have come together to make possible. The time for you to see the side of me that requires you to remember your safe word has finally arrived, the moment has come for you to learn why I love to smile and laugh so often, and it is certainly time for you to meet all of us Mean Girl(s) here at FetDungeon that can't wait to make your life an absolute living hell. xoxoxo

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