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My New Sissy Chambermaid

A sissy was born and a new life begins in servitude.

This weekend a naïve man came to FetDungeon and left a complete unsuspecting and fully mind controlled sissy chambermaid. It started about a week ago when I got an application for a job posting for FetDungeon marketing. I wanted to see if basic instructions could be followed by a pathetic and weak individual and asked the applicant to arrive in the evening at 7:45pm sharp with a bottle of one of my favorite chardonnays Bread and Butter to do an interview. When the applicant arrived I was entertained to receive the bottle of wine I requested plus some rose, and also an offer to take out my trash sitting at the front door. Definitely a workable speci-men and clearly will be of better use to me once completely feminized. Immediately my hunter instincts kicked into overdrive. Another Goddess who was visiting at the time and I instantly knew what needed to happen. (sadistic tendencies lol) As soon as the applicant came back into FetDungeon from taking out all my dirty trash I decided to take off my clothes and get dressed with the door open to the room. I have a perfect seductive latex pink dress that I snugged myself into slowly, I seen my new unsuspecting sissys eyes lock with mine and I could smell the weakness and trembles. Nervously the applicant noticed how beautiful the two of us means girls were and sat down in the studio room as we asked a few qualifying "interview" questions. The applicant had no idea that each question was taking over that senseless mind and was so unsuspecting of what the real purpose was for this visit. It was almost too easy to put my new chambermaid under complete sissy reformation hypnosis and into my total control.

One minute an interview is happening... the next my new sissy is being stripped down and placed on the floor to be wrapped in black plastic tightly and put further under once unable to escape. It took only a few moments and then Angelica was under my Gynarchy's control. I instilled a desire for the her to be the best chambermaid a Goddess could ask for, to dedicate all of her time and energy towards pleasing me and making my life easier as well as total chastity for Mistress. Once subdued Angelica was dressed in a chambermaid outfit with bright pink panties and sexy red fishnet nylons. The job was awarded to Angelica but due to her lack of experience it was offered with no pay. Instead she will have the luxury of becoming my chambermaid and servant and worker bee princess cleaning whatever needs cleaning and loving every minute of it.


To see the video of this amazing evening and learn all the nitty gritty details you will need to do as I say. Mizz. Honey Temper needs your support and loyalty now more than ever. Its time to become my newest lifestyle member so you can see all my content and become totally fucking addicted to everything you dream to serve.

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Mizz Honey Temper you have no idea how much fun I had. I was so fulfilled that night emotionally and spiritually. Thank you for helping me find my purpose in life. I look forward to being a better chambermaid for you in the coming years. Hugs and kisses,


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