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Take the time to get to know me

If a potential sub has shown interest in me or I them, there is strict vetting process that will be undertaken. If you do not have time to get to know me, answer my questions and compete my tasks then do not waste my time. 🕗

If you are here for your own personal gain and think you can top me from the bottom do not waste your time. I am a Femdom first and foremost, earning my right within my community to call myself a Domme by respecting my s-types and there personal journey. I treat the responsibility my job brings with the utmost importance and aftercare. I will not take on a new s-type that cannot be taught or refuses to listen. Though punishments can be administered, I will not take tardiness. My D/s relationships bare meaning to Me and are designed to make you the s-type a better person through your acts of service and submission and release. If I can't help you with my strong firm sadistic rule, do not waste your time.

I will decide if you are a good fit for me, my vetting process takes as long as it takes for me to feel satisfied that you are a good fit. I will decide if you are worthy of my training, mentorship, care and your ultimate submission not you. I will decide if your life is worth being held in my hands and weighted on the balance. If you don't have hard limits - your wasting your time with me (seriously have some limits, its dangerous not to). I work within RACK and my rules are clear, If you have not visited my website to read and learn about me, my rules, and my kinky community of Femdoms that I mentor you are wasting your time. (

See the trend here? 💋 Don't waste my fucking time and I wont fuck with yours. Serious subs need only apply.

The Goddess of Fetish Mizz.Honey Temper

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