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What's New At FetDungeon?

It seems like so many amazing things have happened since last summer, that I have barely had the time to keep up. I am overjoyed with the continual growth of our community; seeing new members joining us every hour of the day! Last fall the FetDungeon community asked for a way for members to better communicate and our Chat section on the website was born.

Now that we have the space for all members to use together, this is the time I want to encourage all of you to go out and make a few posts. Helping me get the conversations started will make our space more fun and also more inviting to those who are new to the lifestyle and in need of our guidance and support. Posting is really easy and doesn't have to be complicated, you can either post an introduction, start a discussion we can all join in and learn from or maybe just to shout out your kinks and show us how sexy your are. Most people are private messaging each other but its time for us to break out of our shells and let your inhibitions out. We now have 8 categories and 3 sub-categories in the chat forum and will be expanding and adding more chatrooms as community interest grows. Please help me ensure it's success by participating!

Based on popular requests the categories we now have are as follows:

  • All things Sissy -chat with other sissy's and Femdom's who love to feminize

  • Munch Room -introduce yourself, let us know what your seeking

  • Group Sex -all voyeurs and exhibitionists who love to fuck or watch others fuck in groups

  • Swinging and Poly -chat with couples, unicorns and poly partners, Introduce yourself here

  • SPH -lil tiny pathetic cocks and the women who laugh at them

  • Findom & Pay Piggy's -draining games, introductions and wish lists, introduce yourself

  • Mistress/slave -D/s chat room to introduce yourself, discuss and find your Mistress

  • Resources -Links for support services, LGBTQ2+ connections, mental health providers, vendors and local clubs.

There have been some other changes for our supporters that help me to fund and make all this possible. Our Lifestyle members are now able to pay a cheaper than a case of beer monthly subscription for access to ALL my private content on the Fetish Expression channel. I have been told how this feature is making affordable for supporters and loyal devotees instead of paying annually and I am so grateful to hear honest feedback so I can continue to make improvements.

We now have a new Events section! Find out where I will be and what else is happening in the community. Maybe you had a chance to attend some events in 2022 with me and the camera crew? All who consented to sharing the photos can find them in this section! Have other photos to share from events? Post in our chatrooms!!

I am feeding off of the wallets of my most loyal sissy's, pay piggy's, slaves, and dogs to ensure new content, photos, public appearances, and expenses to keep the space alive are met but I am finding that the website provider is costing me a lot more to operate than I expected now that we have thousands of users. Every bit of time and love and money and energy that has been developed into this space has been so rewarding to me because of what it offers you, (something I never found when I was first discovering my sexuality) the more people join and express themselves the more I am encouraged. This is why your Lifestyle membership is so vital to our community, and why it is a requirement with me if a person is actually interested in getting to know me as a Femdom and what is important in my life for that to occur.

I am going to be introducing some new online and in person seminars and training classes as well as hosting a monthly munch for Edmonton, a bi-monthly munch in RedDeer and a quarterly munch in Calgary with the hopes of visiting Medicine Hat and getting to know the southern AB community a bit better and will have a few new Fetish videos for you to enjoy on release before the end of the month stay tuned and ever devoted to my Gynarchy.

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Apr 19, 2023

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