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What is FetDungeon Speed Date Munch?

I am excited to be hosting a new and exciting way to meet kinksters in Canada, the US and in parts of the UK. I wanted to give everyone some general information about my new events, what to expect and the general flow of how things will work.

Please join us in making history by attending the 1st ever FetDungeon Speed Date Munch event January 8, 2022 in Edmonton, AB Canada!

Speed Date Munch will be by Invite Only to a disclosed kink friendly location for the munch as well as the after party. Locations will change each month so we can show our support to as many local vendors as possible throughout the year and invites/tickets will be provided after you complete the verification survey and pay the $5/registration fee to get yourself set up.

The Speed Date Munch has limited space at the venue so be sure to secure your spot today. All others who still want to come out but didn't register on time can join us at the official FetDungeon after party where all members are welcome! Both locations are LGBTQIA2+ friendly events.

What is Munch?

The idea of munch is to meet new friends and potential new partners in a vanilla setting to just chat about common interests in the lifestyle as well as just in general. Typically, munch is done in a big group table setting and everyone meets and orders food and drinks and enjoys a casual meal with some awesome new company. No pressure just a big open blind date for all! Due to covid restrictions and to help people feel easier about meeting new connections FetDungeon is breaking the mold and trying a new approach to a method that I hope you will enjoy.

What is Speed Dating?

For those who have never been this is a fun interactive way to meet everyone in a room on a more intimate level. Speed Dating groups similar to munch events have groups of (typically vanilla singles) but instead of sitting at a big group table couples are paired up and placed at individual spots. After a few moments to ask questions and getting to know the person you’re eating and having a drink with a buzzer will sound and everyone switches partners (usually one person remains stationed at the table and the other rotates) until you have met everyone in the speed date group. Generally, in speed dating you only get about 3 minutes of time...again with FetDungeon we are recreating the wheel and will be allowing more time.

What can I expect from Speed Date Munch?

This brand-new hybrid model is a combination of both...allowing us kinksters to meet like minded friends and help to establish new relationships with partners you may otherwise have never encountered. This unique one-of-a-kind idea will be adapted and adjusted as we go along to ensure everyone feels appreciated. It is my goal as a BDSM matchmaker to make sure you get a chance to meet some amazing, clean, sexy matches and new friends. The first part of the evening we will be supporting an amazing well known kink friendly venue to YEG that offers delicious appetizers and sophisticated drinks for nice casual not break the bank prices

What to expect on the evening?

When you arrive you will check in with Mizz. Honey Temper showing your Eventbrite ticket and she will help set you up with some colored wrist bands and your first seating arrangement partner to begin the fun. You will have approx. 15min with each match and you will have the opportunity to meet everyone in the group. It will be welcomed and encouraged for you to order some food and drinks. Dominants will be the ones to travel from table to table and our submissive will stay seated for duration of the speed date munch portion. Our group will be sitting in a sectioned off area so that you know what tables to move to and everyone will move counter clockwise.

Is there a cover charge to attend the Speed Date Munch?

Yes there is a $10 cover charge for this event that will be purchased in advance or on the night of using Eventbrite, also remember to have all necessary documentation and photo ID to meet covid regulation requirements. We want to ensure everyone is safe and healthy prior to attendance so please do not attend if you are experiencing symptoms. You will need to have proof of a clear test or proof of vaccination to enter the establishment as per provincial bylaw in place.

Is there a cover charge to attend the after party?

Yes. Those interested in joining our afterparty are able to purchase their tickets in advance with Eventbrite. You can get dressed up as sexy or kinky as you desire for the afterparty!! Private spaces are also available to rent out if you decide to get bottle service. (approx. $20/per person for entry) there will be a local DJ and some entertainers to help keep the atmosphere fun and the endorphins pumping. This will be a great time to chat with someone you may have made a connection with during Munch and see if things click or if you want to pursue an open option.

What does each colored ribbon stand for?

Wrist bands will be color coded to let those who meet you to know more without having to ask (keeping things more discreet when we share our kinks in a vanilla space)

Red =Single

Orange =Pansexual

Pink = Poly

Green =Swingers/Couples

Yellow =Educators or long-time lifestyle adventurers

Purple = newbie

White = just looking to make like minded friends

Sparkles = Unicorns

Brown = BDSM Matchmaker

Black = our FetDungeon organizers

Can I wear more than one colored ribbon to express myself?

ABSOLUTELY! Please feel free to let our community learn all about you, we are all open minded and very friendly.

How often will these events occur?

Events will be held various locations across Canada, US and Europe but always the first Saturday of every month in 2022. There will also be unique additional dates to cater to specific kink groups coming in the spring as demand and community involvement grows for each area.

Where do I complete the questionnaire and get verified? The direct link is below.

What is the total cost to go to event?

$35 plus additional costs for your drinks and any food you may decide to eat. If you don't want to go to the speed date or are unable to attend until later for the afterparty the cost is only $25. Either way you must be verified and confirm your ticket upon arrival with Eventbrite (ticket link is provided once questionnaire and verification is completed)

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